Originally a sawmill in the early 1900s, what is now Saint John Marina grew its recognition as the Riverview Pavilion – a popular dance venue in the 1930s & 1940s.

The first railway in this part of the country was just across the street and was referred to as Sutton’s Crossing. Before being renamed Ketepec Station, this was the central hub for the first continental railway. The pavilion was owned by the Wilson Family in the 1950s.  The Marina facilities and clubhouse were expanded by the following owner, William Brown, who was an employee at the port, also owned by the Wilsons.

Mr. Brown operated the Marina and restaurant for over 40 years before selling to Hickey Bros. in the spring of 2016.  Following the sale, the Marina reopened in July of 2016 with extensive renovations to the restaurant, banquet room, and marina facilities, including docks and fuel services.  With continuous improvements to all facilities, the Saint John Marina is the only full-service marina on the lower St. John River.