Truth is, definition essays are quite difficult to write especially when you only have one word to define. Thus, in-depth research and a personal appreciation of the word of your choice should be present. But don’t be alarmed. Indeed, it might be hard, but have provided a list of tips below that you can follow if you’re about to write one.

Tip #1: Choose a word that you really appreciate. Definition essay or not, it’s definitely hard to write about something you don’t fully appreciate and understand. A good word that you can use in your definition essay would be an abstract one with multiple complex meanings. This is interesting as you’ll get to discover all the different types of definitions associated with it.
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Tip #2: Familiarize yourself with that word. It’s not enough that you know the definitions. You’ll have to familiarize yourself with it even more. Conduct research on the etymology of the word, its history, from what country it originated. This way, you’ll be able to let your readers know something they don’t know yet.

Tip #3: Use many sources. Do not just rely on dictionaries and encyclopedias. You have the whole internet to get information from different sources. Just make sure that they are credible enough. Using different sources will help you understand the word better.

Tip #4: Define it using your own words. The point of making a definition essay is that so you can define it in your own words. Before concluding, provide your own definition of the words from the data you have gathered and from your own understanding. You may also use examples to illustrate your definition.

It’s not that hard to write definition essays if you know how to construct each parts. Follow these guidelines and see yourself succeeding on writing one.