It takes a lot of time to write a perfect essay, and you have to pay attention to all minor things, such as spellings, format, content quality and others. Various students hire freelance writers in this regard, while the others place their orders at academic writing companies. In either way, they are at risk because neither the freelance writers nor the companies can guarantee quality and 100 percent results. To avoid such problems, you should write your essay yourself and remember the following things to make it look perfect.

  1. Answer the question and write to the point

It is the first and major suggestion. You should not answer the wrong questions, mention unclear thesis statement, or write out of context. Many students are unaware of the fact that too many unnecessary words are bad for their essays. Instead, they should write only the main points and answer the questions in the essay their teachers might have asked. It is advisable to refer to the grading rubric to be assured of what you need to cover in the essay. In my experience, writing the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph can ensure excellent results.

  1. Quality is important

Outstanding introductory paragraph and conclusion guarantee good marks. By writers from essay provider company the body of your essay should have a sufficient number of real-life examples that could support your thesis statement or arguments. If possible, you should choose a single theme and write the entire essay on that, clarifying fundamental concepts. If the introduction goes wrong or is out of topic, then the whole essay will be disturbed, and you may not be able to score well.

  1. Avoid using complex words and long sentences

There is no need to use sophisticated words. Instead, choose your words and phrases wisely, write short sentences, and divide the essay into small paragraphs. Ideally, each paragraph should consist of seven to ten lines. If possible, you should write sub-headings throughout the essay to help your teacher understand it in a better way.

  1. Make an outline

If you have difficulties with the topic or are not clear about what and how to write, then you can make an outline. In this outline or essay plan, you should mention the main points and cover the key concepts. There is no need to get into too much detail or writing phrases or keywords in the outline. Keep it to one page and write all the headings and sub-headings that should be a part of your essay.

  1. Minor edits may be needed

Some students are too quick to finish their essays within a few minutes. During this process, they may make mistakes also, so the essays require minor edits before the final submission. You must proofread, format and edit your essay to make it look perfect. There is no need to finish it hurriedly if the deadline is not yet approaching. Instead, you should give yourself enough time to research and write the essay.

  1. How much to write

Various students are confused about how much to write. Many of them devote the entire essay to one point and ignore the other main points or themes. If you have been asked to write 500 words, then you should cover all the main concepts in your essay and do not miss any important theme.

Ideally, you should keep it as little as possible but to the point. Once you follow these simple steps, you can be assured of a perfect essay that will eventually get you great results and win the heart of your teacher and classmates.